Isokinetic Training

Our muscles can not apply the same force in every corner of our joints. Therefore, the isokinetic training loads on the muscle at any angle with the optimum intensity.

In contrast to traditional training methods, the isokinetic training weight is variable and changes depending on the joint angle. The intensity is therefore always in proportion to the strength you can muster in the respective joint position. The resistance is caused by an attempt to train faster or slower, as it allows the speed of the device. In this regard, isokinetic training devices have a water-like characteristic: The faster you perform the exercise, the greater the resistance. This means that you control in every moment of the exercise the intensity of the exercise itself.

Previously, isokinetic training was only possible in specific power devices which could be found only in performance and rehabilitation producers. The innovative technology of the EGYM equipment offers you at any of our devices the possibility to use the isokinetic training.

Advantages of isokinetic training

Increased training effectiveness and uniform muscle development

The isokinetic training achieves 14% more strength gain classic strength training, thus less training sets are necessary. Due to the relatively constant utilization of muscle, the muscle is evenly toned and beautifully shaped.

Protect joints and prevent injuries

The automatic weight adjustment reduces the risk of injury and congestion and makes the workout possible even for people with joint injuries or people with non-typical fatigue behavior (eg, cancer patients or diabetics).

Training the explosive force

The isokinetic exercise is the only form of training that can be trained with the explosive force. By willfully addressing against the preset movement speed, the speed strength of the muscle is trained.